Amazon has Introduced its AI-powered chatbot

Amazon has also entered the world of AI as it has introduced its own AI-powered chatbot ”Q” that is said to take business productivity to the next level.

Amazon’s AI-powered chatbot, called Q, is designed to perform tasks such as summarizing lengthy documents in simple terms, answering customer queries accurately, analyzing data make it easier to analyze, manage group chats, help with coding for coder, and more.

Amazon also emphasized that Q AI would help protect it from copyright issues when someone does a Q AI chatbot, a concern that raised copyright charges against OpenAI. It has been reported that OpenAI used a copyrighted fragment to train its AI chatbot.

OpenAI is the father of ChatGPT -ChatGPT is also an AI-powered chatbot in the same way that Amazon has produced the Q AI-powered chatbot in the same way that OpenAI introduced ChatGPT last year.

Amazon Q will be integrated into business applications and is expected to entice companies to use the cloud computing service.

The tech giant is said to have made a substantial investment in Amazon’s AI-powered chatbot, similar to the way Microsoft made a substantial investment in ChatGPT last year.

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