Threads to be launched for the European Union

Meta’s platform, Thread, has gained a lot of features and many records since its launch in July, but sadly, it is not yet available for European Union (EU). however, could launch the platform in the European Union next month, according to the Wall Street Journal.

The report also stated that when Meta makes its text-base Threads available for the European Union, it will keep it in view-only mode, meaning that every time the European Union uses Threads, they will They don’t have to create their profile, they can use Threads without profile, but if they want to post on Threads or follow an account or do any activity on someone’s post, then they need to create an account. May be required.

It may be interesting to see how the Meta algorithm manages to user, i.e. the amount of activity in a user’s account is tracked by Meta, and through that activity, Meta learns their likes and dislikes. Then they show advertisements etc. to these users in the same way that the user has interest but here Meta has allowed to use the Threads without profile create.

Meta used to charge European Union-based users a small amount to without display advertisements on Facebook and Instagram, After giving it, the user could use Meta’s Facebook and Instagram apps with the help of without any advertisment.

It’s a concern European Union when using Threads they use additional things like using vpn etc they used to use Threads before but company forbid EU from using additional things.

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