WhatsApp is about to bring a new feature

A very popular messaging app is going to bring a new feature on WhatsApp, WhatsApp beta info said recently they have introduced ”username feature” for Android, WhatsApp beta info and discussed other things in the latest article. has told so much about this feature that with the help of this feature the user can choose a username for himself.

WhatsApp beta info said that this feature of username strengthens the privacy of the user i.e. the way in which you had to share your phone number to connect with another user, but now after the introduction of this ”username feature,” the user share without number to can connect with other person.

This feature works in exactly the same way as the very popular app Instagram where you have to share your username to connect with other people and there are other applications where any all you have to do is share a username to connect with person.

WhatsApp beta info also said that they are currently working on this username feature to improve it and when this feature is complete then you can update your WhatsApp application to get this feature.

username fature photo
Image credit: WABetaInfo

In this screenshot shared by WhatsApp Beta Info, you can see how this username feature is showing in the search bar and whether the person has to connect with you or you have to connect with a person. If you want, you can simply click on this username icon and dial the username of that person to connect to another person.

WhatsApp beta info also said that the control over the username feature will be in the hands of the user, meaning that the user can change their username whenever they want.

Official News WhatsApp ”username feature”: WhatsApp beta for Android what’s new?

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