OpenAI’s GPT Store is not launching yet

OpenAI’s GPT Store was said to launch this year, but now the GPT Store could launch in any month of early 2024.

This news was first reported by Axios, a source said in the report that we obtained the conversations between the user and the developer, in which they were told that ”we will launch the GPT store this month. But due to some work, this GPT store can’t be launched now, this GPT store can be launched in 2024 and we are trying our best to launch the GPT store in the same month.”

A Axios also said in the report that the GPT store was delayed to fix the user Interface and some things in the GPT store.

TechCrunch also mentioned in its report that we will contact OpenAI now and if they respond to us, we will update it in a more informative article.

The GPT store was said to be ready to go but after tinkering with some unexpected things, the GPT store was delayed in its launch.

The OpenAI member said at the conference that the GPT store was planned to be launched in November, but as you read above, the history petty store was launched to improve the user interface and fix a lot of things. It took so long to happen.

But there is still so much question in people’s mind related to this GPT store as there is a question in people’s mind that how much this GPT store will charge the customer and how much will be paid to the developer and There are many such questions in people’s minds.

According to the report of TechCrunch, he said that we have done a Q&A to OpenAI CEO Sam Altman and CTO Mira Murat and we asked the same question, and their answer was that now we Will see about.

It might be interesting to see how many users this AI GPT store can gain quickly and how many developers put their own AI GPT on top of it because after the release of the ChatGPT strip, it has gained a lot of popularity. records were also broken.

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