WhatsApp to roll out status sharing on Instagram, Facebook

Another new update or you can say feature is going to be available on WhatsApp, a very popular messaging app, this feature is going to share WhatsApp status across the platform.

Meta which is father WhatsApp has their other platforms like Instagram Facebook Threads but WhatsApp status share feature is going to be on Facebook and Instagram that means if you put status on top of WhatsApp then in WhatsApp application. You can also share your status on Instagram and Facebook instantly.

All these features are mentioned by WhatsApp New Tracker which is about WABetaInfo. WABetaInfo informs them about every new update on WhatsApp and explains everything about WhatsApp in detail. In a way, WABetaInfo is the son of WhatsApp.

It is being said that this feature can be good enough to save time and connect users across all three platforms as recently seen WhatsApp has introduced another feature called ”search by username” feature. With the help of this feature in the application, you can connect without any number on WhatsApp. WABetaInfo is also recently announced about this feature. ”It is said that this feature enhances the security of the user.”

WhatsApp status share feature is currently in beta version when whatsapp will update this feature properly then it will show you in whatsapp application then you update your whatsapp application to get this feature. You can share your WhatsApp status on Instagram, Facebook with the help of the feature.

The control of this feature will be in the user’s own right i.e. if the user wants to show his status only on WhatsApp, he can also manage it.

If the user wants to show his status from WhatsApp on Instagram and not on Facebook, he can also manage it on his own account.

If the user wants to share his WhatsApp status on Facebook as a story, then he can do that under his own control, that is to say that the WhatsApp user will have complete control over his WhatsApp status. To manage

In a way, this feature will save time and the user will not need to create individual posts on each platform. This feature is a work in progress, as the work is completed you can view it in your Updates application.

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