Larry Summers, Board Member of OpenAI, explained the Technology

Recently, US Treasury Secretary Larry Summers asked to join the board of OpenAI and he also said why he is joining the board of OpenAI. Development will work for the “National Security.”

After joining OpenAI as a board member, Summers also revealed some of his plans on Bloomberg Television ke Wall Street Week with David Westin Told in the interview.

We have to work with the government to develop technology so that it is easier to solve problems and develop technology, Summers also said in this interview about AI.

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“This year is going to be the year for AI’s cognitive class and it could replace some white-collar jobs,” Summers said of AI.

Sam Altman, the CEO of OpenAI, was fired as CEO after Summers joined OpenAI’s board, but Sam was then elected to return to the role of CEO.

In the interview, Summers was asked that what do you have to say about the company going through so many difficulties?, Summersr says it’s only been two days for me indicating that he is still understanding the company

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