Bending Spoons fired the entire Filmic staff

Milan-based creative app studio Bending Spoons is said to have laid off the Filmic’s entire staff, including Filmic CEO Neill Barham.

Christy Keenan told The Verge in an email that “22 original members of the Filmic team were laid off in November and now Filmic” is fully involved in Bending Spoons, adding that the company’s dedicated team along with the original Filmic team The company was already involved in mobile video with its Splice video editing app, which it ported to GoPro in 2018.

Bending Spoons also bought Evernote and fired its original staff of 129, The Verge reported.

Some employees have told LinkedIn about leaving after the layoff, including CTO Christopher Cohen and COO Kevin Buonagurio.

Bending Spoons bought the new film for $200 million in September and launched a $2.99 ​​subscription plan after the purchase, along with a $50 annual subscription.

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