TikTok and Ticketmaster expand their partnership to 20 new countries

Recently TikTok and Ticketmaster expanded their partnership to expand their service to 20 new countries, now there is no need for TikTok users to go to another app to buy tickets for any event.

TikTok said that now artists can sell tickets to their fans using the Ticketmaster feature for any of their events and users don’t need to go to other apps to buy tickets. You can buy tickets for your favorite artist’s event etc, from Ticketmaster.

TikTok also said that content creators living in over 20 countries can now connect with their fans by adding a Ticketmaster link to their video to promote any of their events.

The countries in which TikTok and Ticketmaster partnership has expanded are United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, Germany, France, Canada, Mexico, Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Italy, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway. , Poland, Switzerland, Spain aur Sweden TikTok has made this feature available in these countries.

TikTok also said that artists who have used this feature in their videos have reached 2.5 billion views and counting.

“As we bring fans closer to their favorite artists and events, we hope to provide even more value to all of the artists on our career stages now,” TikTok Global Music Partnerships Development Lead said in a statement. and provide better opportunities for a sedentary fan base.”

Ticketmaster is an online ticket sale website YouTube Spotify TikTok also has a partnership with it and using this Ticketmaster website user can buy tickets online from this website for their friends’ events etc.

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