Users can now view Up BlueSky’s post without logging in

BlueSky is an invitation-only, decentralized alternative to Twitter, which you can now view without creating an account or logging in. According to a blog post by BlueSky CEO Jay Graber, everyone can now easily access the web and the BlueSky app. Can see posts.

If you want people who aren’t logged in to see your posts, you can “discourage” it by clicking a toggle in Settings. But BlueSky also notes that “other apps may use this request. Cannot accept” and the toggle does not make your account private.

“BlueSky is an open and public network,” says a note below the BlueSky toggle. “This setting only limits the availability of your content on the BlueSky app and website, and other apps may not accept this setting.”

Along with this, BlueSky has also introduced a new logo: a butterfly. Previously, the app’s logo was a blue sky with clouds, but “early on, we noticed that people were naturally using the butterfly emoji 🦋 on their BlueSky handles.” to indicate,” says Graber’s blog post. “Butterfly describes our mission to reinvent social media.”

I think Butterfly is bigger than generic Blue Sky. And, as my colleague Parker Ortolani notes, the app has a cool animation that will be more familiar to Twitter fans.

With ActivityPub and Meta’s threads growing in popularity, BlueSky’s future looks bright. Bluesky is based on the AT protocol and is planned to leave the Federation “in the early days of next year”. This means that we can see more servers and instances with BlueSky that will be compatible with their own rules. Every time I go to my BlueSky account, people seem to be having a lot of fun — the platform is also growing fast — so hopefully the protocols can be harmonized and a federated feature can be launched.

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